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I never fully understood my role as a Godly influence on my daughter's life until the day she asked if she could be baptized. She had just completed VBS at our former church home, and loved every minute, in fact she hated leaving at the end of every day. She had memorized her first scripture; "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1:9. I will never forget when she was able to recite it verbatim.

Justine being baptized at cedar Hill Baptist Church 2006

She doesn't recall this, because the was eight at the time, but it really hit home that I was doing something right. However, I was not the first to introduce her to Jesus, my grandfather was. He had spent time with her from the time she was an infant, talking to her about Jesus and His great love for us. My grandfather became her person. She looked up to him in many many ways. He became her gateway to a relationship with Jesus. When we would be at my grandparent's home during my daughter's childhood, you could always find her, she was the little shadow behind the man in the garden, or in his workshop in the garage, or sitting in his chair watching old black and white television shows.

Justine and Papaw shucking corn summer 2000

This would continue as she grew up. My grandfather was her go to when she didn't feel comfortable coming to her father or myself. Sherman Jacob Weimann led a very humble life, knowing that God orchestrated every step, and he simply knew that his role as a grandfather, and great-grandfather was very important. He knew how to get it right. If you knew Sherman, or as we referred to him, Papaw, you knew Jesus. Through the ups and downs in my Papaw's life, he always went back to scripture to bring him back to center. You could find him in the mornings drinking his coffee over his bible and then the local paper. Praying for his family, blessing the many meals that were consumed at the same kitchen table. When we lost him unexpectedly, my daughter was almost 14. We were at the hospital and in the room as he took his last breath. She insisted we go, though she knew he was not able to speak to us. It was beautiful to witness her say goodbye. She was sad that she would not be able to see him in the flesh on this earth anymore, but rejoicing with him as he entered the gates of heaven and into the arms of Jesus. I am so very proud of the relationship with Jesus that my grandfather had cultivated in my daughter, just like the earth he cultivated into a bountiful garden every year. The benefits are endless, and to this day her gateway to Jesus is wide open.

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