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For this child I have prayed

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

When I became a mom, I was the least sure about life that I had ever been up that moment. What would her infant self be like? Would I be able to be the mom that she needs? Too many what ifs. This all happened before I gave my life to Christ. Before I learned I was pregnant, I was a selfish young adult living in the moments as they happened without a care in the world. Then, then I was with child not knowing how I was going to be as a mother. As the years went by, like a total blur....(when they say "don't blink", seriously take that to heart!) my daughter would become this little ball of sunshine, always finding ways to make me no longer question what or if I was doing any of this right. Now don't get me wrong, we often butted heads like two bulls fighting over who would get to ravage the china shop! She did become a toddler after all. And we all survived it!

This child has always loved pickles

Justine has become my greatest joy in life, she is nearing her 25th year, and it is something to observe! Despite the ups and downs of my marriage to her father and all the things that did to rock her little world, she has persevered like a champ. She developed a keen sense of who God is and how He fits in her life. She accepted Christ as her savior the year she turned eight. I was there to witness the baptism of this young human I have had the privilege of raising. Fast forward to the high school years. She was a stellar teen. Never in trouble, always mindful of others feelings, needs, was a great friend in those awkward adolescent years....awkward to say the least am I right? Then my baby left for college, though she only went an hour from home, it felt like the other side of the world. She loved college, the experience not necessarily the classes. She would only spend her freshman year at this particular school, but it would dramatically change her life! She met some wonderful young ladies while being a part of the women's track and cross country teams. She also met the young man that would become our son in law. We met him for the first time at one of her collegiate track meets. To say I was a fan of this young man from the moment we met, is an understatement. My admiration of him would only grow as we got to know him and the way he interacted with our baby girl. From the day they met they became fast friends, spending free time together. A few short months later they would have their first date. They would remain dating even after she left this school to attend another. Their union was growing in strength. Josh became just the thing she needed. We learned through their courtship that he is a devout Christian. They studied the bible together, began praying together, then she was bringing him home several times throughout their college years. Two years to the day after they had their first official date, this young man proposed to our daughter.

The proposal

Quite possibly my favorite photos of them

Mr and Mrs

After graduation they got married, and they have since moved to another city, just a short drive away. Not long after they got married she began experiencing abdominal discomfort that just would not go away. She got some medical attention bringing to the forefront something we were not expecting; evidence of some possible devastating female reproductive issues. Seeking a second opinion, they decided to see a fertility doctor. After some fertility appointments, medications, injections and negative pregnancy tests, Justine and Josh decided to take a much needed emotional sabbatical from all of this. I had not shared their struggle with many, just close intimate friends and family, and they all began praying for her body to be able to do what God intended, give her children. I was at my regular Saturday morning bible study and someone new had started to attend. Most ladies had left this particular day for plans they had, but this new woman, Terri and myself stayed for some time of prayer. This is where the game changed!!! Hang tight, this story is about to accelerate at warp speed! During our quiet prayer time, this woman got a vision and decided to share. What she shared had me weeping in my seat. She thought she had said something wrong that made me upset. On the contrary. Her vision was of a woman at the end of a concrete path, with a baby in her womb. What made me weep you ask? And remember, this woman had zero knowledge of Justine's current medical state. My dear friend Lara who led the bible study shared what she thought this meant after sharing with Terri why I had been emotional. She saw the woman as my daughter, standing at the end of a hard road. The baby not necessarily in her own womb, but intended for her to parent. We all decided right then and there we should pray for God to heal her body and have it be able to do what it was made to do, or for there to be a baby to care for and call her own. More months would go by and no sign of a pregnancy. That is until Christmas day when we got the news that Justine was in fact going to have a baby of her own. She found out she was pregnant before thanksgiving, but decided to wait to surprise us with the best Christmas gift ever!

The actual moment I found out

We were sworn to secrecy until she was at the end of her first trimester. I was at church on a Sunday morning, at the end of service during ministry time, I decided to go up for prayer. I walked toward the same woman that shared her vision with me, she's part of our prayer ministry team, and I told her the amazing news. She and I held each other in an emotion and tear filled hug. I got to thank her for sharing her vision and for praying for my daughter.

Justine and Josh found out a few weeks ago, the baby is a boy. They will name him Ezra Thomas. The name Ezra means God's helper. In the Bible, Ezra was a priest and a scribe who recorded the departure of the Israelites from slavery in Babylon. He also led a group of slaves to freedom in Jerusalem. I have no doubt this boy will grow up with a great knowledge of the Father and how He intervened on his beautiful momma's body.

For this child I have prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of Him. Therefore also I have lent him to the Lord; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the Lord.

1 Samuel 1:27-28

For my child I prayed, that her body be healed and able to do all the things for which it was intended. And for the child she is now carrying we have prayed that he might grow in the Lord and serve Him all the days of his life.

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